Gluten Intolerance

Talk about being given a spoonful of your own medicine…  Practice what you preach, I say!  Where was I to coach myself on this fated day?

First, let me say that one of the first things I do with a client is take them off of good ol’ modern wheat, gluten, and dairy as well (to feel the comparison), the top three allergens out there and the biggest culprits of sooo many of today’s illnesses and conditions.

FYI, I have been pretty much gluten- and wheat-free for 7 years… and very minimal and sometimes completely devoid of dairy as well; my friend has abstained for approximately two years now.  Occasionally I can be tempted to splurge and eat a roll and butter, say, when out to dinner or sample a couple bites of something with gluten, but for the most part, this little pretty LOVES being free of these inflammatories!  The cure:  Those of us in the industry just eat gluten-free foods.

It was a lovely Sunday afternoon, and my best friend and I were getting together for a day of play to enjoy some yummy wine and a meal somewhere, while enjoying the sunny So Cal weather too.  A girls’ afternoon out.

After imbibing, we went to a favorite local Italian restaurant, famous for their incredible chopped salads but also loved for their typical Italian dishes and deeeee-lish sourdough bread.  The best!Gluten allergy stomach upset

My friend did a great job of persuading me to go ahead and say, “What the heck” in response to her saying to me, “Along with the chopped salads, do you want to order the glutenous Spaghetti Carbonara dish” (that I haven’t had in probably ten years) and just suffer afterwards?  Ha, ha.

Sure, that sounds great!  Right then is when that inner voice needed to kick in!

Because I – and many others — don’t have celiac disease, (the permanent intolerance to gluten) or what I will call the “extreme manifestation of gluten sensitivity,” we can have a little – key word “little” — bit of gluten here and there, and it doesn’t really bother us.  But I have to admit, I am pretty much a gluten-free girl.

Now, it’s important to know that if one takes gluten, wheat and/or dairy out of their diet, even if just for one month, I have seen dramatic symptoms manifest in my clients when they say, “What the heck” or words or expletives resembling those!  It has the same effect or can have the same effect, so to speak, as a vegetarian saying, “I think I’ll eat a piece of meat.”  The body says, “Whooooooa. Wait a minute.  What are you doin’?”  It’s not pretty.  There is a far more evident reaction the less someone eats these foods with these ingredients.

Healthy-Food-weight-loss-program-Gluten-freeSo…we ate those awesome chopped salads and their bread (with gluten), and a giant dish of pasta (with lots of gluten).  Tasted grrrrreat at the time.

The next morning, I woke up feeling like someone beat me up in my lower back and punched me in the jaw.  I called my friend, and I said, “How are YOU feeling this morning?”  And she said, “Oh, my god, my knees are killlllllling me!”  She also felt the symptoms of a sinus issue.  I then felt very achy, flu-like achiness, that entire week, but I never got the flu.  Now, I know allllll of this as a nutrition consultant, but as you can see, I was being human… and stupid, I might add.  I rarely get sick, but this inflammation lowered my immune, all the while not getting the flu but then ended up with a wonderful cold.

This was probably the dumber of things I’ve done in a long time as it takes about three weeks for gluten to exit the body.  I called a popular lab just to confirm my symptoms with them, and they (the symptoms) were right on par!  I was going to have to wait for a few weeks for these awful side effects to disappear.

For someone who really does eat like a saint and doesn’t deviate too much, this was verrry frustrating for me.

Sooo, you ask what is gluten?

Here’s the scoop:  1 in 3 people are gluten-sensitive.  Modern-day gluten, found in wheat, barley, rye and some oats manufactured by “undedicated oatmeal companies” is a very difficult protein for people to digest.  It is, they say, 400 times the concentration of protein than it was when our moms and grandmas cooked with it, and most of it is genetically modified.

It has many unhealthful qualities, #1 being an inflammatory.  The body has a very difficult time breaking this down, and the body perceives this as a toxin.   If you have aches and pains or joint issues, pay attention as gluten is a HUGE culprit when it comes to aches and pains. If you have any auto-immune illnesses, then it is imperative that you eliminate gluten.

There is a very specific need for taking gluten out of the diet.  The conventional world doesn’t really know or think about this, but we say that no one should be eating gluten.  My clients get great results, and immediately, when taking this out.  Believe me, the results far outweigh your desire to go out on a nice Sunday afternoon and say, “What the heck.”  Was it worth it?  Nope.  It really wasn’t.

I learned a big lesson, and one that I can share with my clients.  We always have to learn the hard way.  Next time, I will listen to my inner voice and just be happy with a wonderful glass of wine and my deeee-lish chopped salad!


Holistic Health Matters!

Love, Cheryl