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Natural Weight Loss

Natural Weight Loss

If you’ve been struggling with losing weight and keeping it off, I can easily and safely help you lose 2-5 pounds per week and keep it off permanently. No more yo-yo or fad dieting!!

Think about it for a moment.  Does this sound like you?

  • You avoid social situations because you are self-conscious about how you look?
  • You see thin people as totally annoying?
  • Your sex life has dried up, no pun intended?!?
  • You can’t fit into your bikini and you’re worried your spouse, boyfriend, or girlfriend will leave you?
  • You lack confidence because you’re a size 10 instead of a size 2?
  • You avoid many athletic activities in your life because you can’t stand your body?
  • Your friends go to the beach or out dancing and you stay home because you avoid skimpy clothing at all costs!!!
A client’s weight loss video testimonial:

In addition, you have some or all of these unpleasant physical symptoms or dilemmas:

    • Does gas, bloating, cramping, diarrhea, and/or constipation sound like your scenario?
    • You use antacids as a part of your daily diet?
    • You feel wired and tired?
    • You don’t know what to cook after a long day’s work?
    • You are bound to prescription medications and laxatives?
Cheryl Perkins Natural Weight Loss Program

Cheryl Perkins – Natural Weight Loss Program

  • Your loss of sex drive and no comprehension as to why is affecting you?
  •  Unexplained exhaustion and lack of energy, even after 8 or more hours of sleep, doesn’t make sense to you?
  • The need for anti-depressants and/or stimulants, like caffeine or sleeping pills, to keep functioning is leaving you exhausted?
  • Skin irritations and/or rashes make you feel insecure.
  • You are overwhelmed about which healthy foods to purchase and how to cook nutritious and easy-to-prepare meals.
  • Yo-yo dieting and the SAD diet have you gaining weight.
  • You believe it’s too expensive to eat healthy foods.
  • Are you sleeping through your meetings and possibly your dates?
  • No energy to play with your kids after a long day’s work?
  • You lack self-confidence in most areas of your life?
  • And, lastly, do you know that taking birth control pills can cause Candida?
I could go on and on; right? Tired of this same ol’ song and dance?

Instead would you rather THIS be the scenario?

  • Enjoying every social opportunity you can because you LOVE your body!!
  • Getting rid of all of those “yo-yo diet” clothing sizes!!
  • You jump at the chance to go to a beach party!
  • There’s no limitation on the amount of fun you can have!
  • You have a properly working and very happy digestive tract!
  • Looking in the mirror, your clothes look fantastic!
  • Finally you are eliminating those expensive over-the-counter pills
  • You feel calm and peaceful.
  • You are excited about your sex drive and increased libido!
  • Waking up feeling refreshed before getting out of bed!
  • Eliminating the need and expense for anti-depressants, stimulants like caffeine, happy pills, or pills to make you regular.
  • Your confidence returns because your skin looks radiant and vibrant!
  • Knowing what foods are healthy and how to cook nutritious meals for you and your family.
  • You eat in such a way that you’re never starving or feeling too full.
  • Actually having the desire to go out and socialize.
  • Learning how to shop affordably for healthy food.
  • Restoring your energy so you can enjoy each day!
  • Having the stamina to keep up with your kids.
  • Taking that hot salsa class and not worrying about shakin’ it!!
  • Playing volleyball on the beach with that hot sexy bathing suit on!

And the list goes on!

Doesn’t this sound like the more appealing scenario?

Modifying my diet based on Cheryl’s suggestions (but still enjoying many foods that I like) and adding a bit more exercise to my weekly regimen has made a large difference in my health, appearance, energy, and weight. I have lost 15 pounds in about 3 months and that is not from being on a “diet” but, instead, from making permanent lifestyle changes that Cheryl has taught me. Aside from the above benefits, there were some other (unexpected) positive effects … the stomach aches that I would get from time to time (weekly) went away due to the modification of my diet; and perhaps the biggest surprise was the near eradication of my heartburn issues. ~ R. Abbasi, Palos Verdes

More About Successful Natural Weight Loss
Little-known secrets for Weight Loss

Our society is so conditioned to think deprivation, starvation, and misery when it comes to being slim, trim, and fit.

With misinformation and misconception abounding, thousands are on that medical treadmill.  You’ve tried every diet out there, you’ve considered the lap band, you’ve starved yourself, you’ve restricted yourself, you’ve cleansed, fasted, detoxed, dieted galore, and yet no results!!  You’re done!  You want answers!

It’s a huge topic these days… health, fitness, nutrition, weight, and weight loss, but it’s an industry that fails miserably.  The track record for success in these areas is dismal at best.

Unfortunately for the public, there is so much misinformation and confusion surrounding food… what’s healthy, what’s not, how to read labels, how to navigate the aisles at the grocery store, and then how to bring it all together in your kitchen.

Think about this!

If your kitchen is organized, your diet is organized, AND you are much more inclined to reach for healthy food items vs. those quick-fix, canned, processed and refined foods with high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils, and genetically modified foods in them, to name just a few…

As a holistic nutrition consultant (and professional residential organizer for ten years,) I hear all of the ways people attempt to maintain health and then, of course, lose weight.

Conventional weight loss programs – and we all know who they are – are perfect representations of dieting – yuck! – aka deprivation and restriction!  Who wants that?

And…if you eat their food, it’s a double whammy and you are only making matters worse on top of having to restrict, watch calories, work out endlessly, and be miserable.
Want to know something most people don’t know?

There is a little-known secret:

If you want to gain weight, go on a diet!

Want to know another little-known secret?

You have to eat (good) fat to be skinny!

Dieting doesn’t work!  Everyone knows it.
If you notice, the word “diet” has the word “d-i-e” in it.  Of course it does because it’s not about dieting; it’s about lifestyle!

How many times have you heard yourself or someone else say, “I’m going back on a diet”?  That’s because diets don’t work!  Maintaining health really has nothing to do with calories.  It never has.  It has everything to do with lifestyle!

The problem is that the majority of the world doesn’t know this.  How many times can you keep doing the same thing over and over again each time expecting different results?  Been there, done that, done!


Food for thought…

As Hippocrates said, “All disease begins in the gut.”

Did you know…

Digestive issues are the #1 complaint whether someone sees a gastrointestinal doctor, internist, or nutrition practitioner, and THIS is one of the main reasons for weight loss resistance?

Without a properly working digestive tract, it is impossible to achieve overall health and well-being and weight loss.  Impossible.

The body says, “Weight loss is on the back burner for you because I am trying to help you function based on the processed food, pills, too much caffeine, booze you’re feeding me, and lack of sleep!”

I will teach you THE MOST important information you will ever need to know regarding overall health, and it all points to digestive health, from FIELD to PLATE to MOUTH.

Most people have 3 criteria when it comes to choosing food:

  • how it looks
  • how it tastes
  • how it smells

Unfortunately, people are only thinking of the first five inches of delight — that is, tasting what’s in their mouth — and not the 30 feet of misery that ensues.

Learn the little-known secrets to losing and maintaining your weight

In addition to the misinformation and confusion around food in general, there are some roadblocks that get overlooked regarding weight loss:

  • Neurotransmitter and hormonal imbalances
  • Food allergies
  • A poor working liver from processed and refined foods

Let me guide you in the right direction every step of the way.  I will hand-hold you from beginning to end.  I will analyze your eating habits and boost your energy so you can finally be free of those fad and yo-yo diets.  You will know exactly what you need to do when we finish the protocol.

Stop focusing on what your scale says! Learn what’s healthy and what’s not, learn how to read ingredients and the labels so you can navigate the aisles of your grocery store; and also understand the TOP 3 allergens that interfere with weight loss.

I am so determined to get you the results you want, that I am going to give – yes, that’s right, give! – you my top 5 little-known secrets to losing and maintaining weight and gaining health and well-being:

1.  Food and exercise are the TOP 2 components that will regulate your metabolism.  Eat every two hours 4 to 6 small meals a day.  This way, you are never starving and never too full.

2.  The healthy fats allow the cells to absorb the nutrients.  As I said, you must eat (healthy) fat to be skinny!

3.  Gluten and wheat…take these out of your diet!  Wheat holds onto weight!

4.  Be sure to eat protein or fat when you eat a carbohydrate that converts to glucose so that you help slow that glycemic index and help keep your blood sugar levels even-keeled.

5.  The intestinal tract is the source for EVERYTHING. The health of your intestinal tract dictates the rest of your overall health and well-being. If you have a poor working gut, you won’t ever get the results you want.

Trust your gut feeling and call me now to feel great again!

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