Home Organization: How to Get Organized

Do you find yourself swimming in a sea of clutter day in and day out, dreaming of home organization and asking, “How do I get organized?”  Hiring a professional organizer is how you do it!

You can’t even imagine the benefits of clearing your clutter!

The concept of getting organized on the inside and the out stretches far and wide:

  • Entertain friends and family in your home
  • Stop sleeping in your life and get your energy back
  • Save LOTS of time and find what you need immediately
  • Lose the “negative energy” clutter  and lose the weight
  • No more embarrassment about your living space
  • Finally feel confident
  • Have a desire to go home and stay home!

Do you say to yourself, “Please, somebody help me organize my home” or “What is the magic answer to ‘how to be organized,’” or “How to get organized?”

I see and hear it all the time, whether I am working with a nutrition client or an organizing client.

Hire me, a professional organizer and holistic nutrition consultant, and you will find me roaming the corners of your kitchen, looking at your pantry shelves; meandering into your master closet and analyzing your shoe shelves, looking at the possibility of organization for closets, wandering into your home office assessing your paperwork, and coming up with ideas for home organization.

The space and clutter in my house were out of control and in dire need of assistance! Cheryl — organizational guru that she is — came over, offered practical ideas for organizing my books, CD’s, shoes, and kitchen cabinets. Thanks to Cheryl, I doubled my linen closet space, my bedroom closet space, and kitchen cabinet space! I literally, and figuratively, had more space in which to operate — so much so that I organized a nice dinner party, which I had not done in over a year! I’m so grateful to Cheryl for the organizing systems she helped to implement in my home! Cheryl is the quintessential organizer!~A. Jackson, Los Angeles, California

If you wonder why you can’t get a handle on your dietary habits, I will say, “Let’s look at how functional, or not, your home is.”  Home office or not, paperwork is stifling!

Sound familiar?  “Paperwork is the mere manifestation of indecision.”  And this usually stems from it (your paperwork)  not having a home.

I am truly amazed at how much I’m able to get done now. Before, I had to look in 15 different places to find one document. Now I just go right to the place where I know that document lives. The day after Cheryl left, I was able to sit down and bust out work that had been held up for months by the chaos in my office. Thank you so much for creating the systems that help me work more quickly and efficiently. As they say, time is money. We have gotten our money back many times over just in this first week. Thanks again!~K. Duffy, Cambria, California

Cheryl Perkins Natural Weight Loss Program
Cheryl Perkins – Natural Weight Loss Program

It is impossible to get a handle on your dietary habits when your home consists of multiple rooms of clutter:  home office paperwork, a disorganized kitchen, or unneeded items scattered everywhere.

Something very overlooked is how disorganization dramatically affects health, fitness, and nutrition.  Did I say dramatically!?

Think about this…

If your kitchen (and home) is organized, you are much more inclined to reach for healthy food items vs. those quick-fix, canned, processed and refined foods with hydrogenated oils, high fructose corn syrup, and genetically modified ingredients, to name just a few.

This is a funny visual…If what’s in your refrigerator and what goes into your stomach resemble the cluttered masses around your house, the energy you need to stay organized simply does not exist.

If you are that person saying help me organize my home, you have come to the right place.

What sets me apart and what’s in it for YOU (that most people don’t know) is there is an element missing in the realm of nutrition, and that is organization!

You can’t get organized in your diet if home organization is missing from the equation.

The amount of time it takes to either:

  • Rifle through your pantry shelves to find something healthy to eat
  • Rummage through the clutter in your closet or shoe shelves to find that missing shoe mate, OR
  • Sift through the paperwork scattered around you to find that one piece of paper in your home office that you need…

…immediately costs you not only time and money, but, more importantly,  your health!

Instead…take heed of a few of these tips to turn your depression and lack of motivation into Energy and Vitality!


  • One-year rule:
    Do you have clothes or items you haven’t worn or used in the last year?  Ask yourself realistically when and if you will wear or use those items in the next year.  Charity is a great way to rid yourself of unused items.
  • One-in-one-out rule:
    Buy something, get rid of something.  It’s that simple!
  • Scheduling:
    Very important!!  Avoid multiple calendars. Use one calendar and keep EVERYTHING in one place on your calendar.
  • Filing Systems:

Create a filing system with main categories and sub-categories:

Example:  Insurance (Main category) with sub-categories below:

  • Health
  • Life
  • Auto
  • House
  • Disability
  • Linen Closet:
    Put an entire set of sheets into one pillowcase for easy retrieval and access.
  • Paperwork:
    Touch paperwork in your home office (bills, mail, invitations) only one time. Remember, paperwork is the mere manifestation of indecision!


  • Functionality:
    Consider sections for prepping, cooking, and cleaning.
  • Logistics:
    Are items in logical places and easy to reach when using your kitchen?   Think a triangle:  Prepping, cooking, and cleaning…
  • Have children?
    Baskets are great.  Position them on lower shelves for easy reach.  Just pull out and grab.  It works for adults too!   🙂   Take it a step further and label!
  • Containerize!
    A fancy word for keeping things in place and together
    Create an environment that pulls for success!  Buy universal lids (www.bigkitchen.com) and rid yourself of all of those cluttery lids without mates!  Don’t save old pots if they’ve seen their finer days and you think, “I might need it someday.”  Do you have square containers for small items, i.e., bagged nuts, bags of flaxseed, etc., that end up loosely strewn about?   Use square containers, as round containers take up more space.

Remember, getting organized is the catalyst to having more of what you want in your life.  It’s not that difficult.  Being disorganized — whether in your kitchen, home office, closet, or storage areas — dramatically affects all of the other areas of your life:  Health and nutrition, fitness, well-being, and more!!

  • Discover the link between two critical areas in your life that can be affecting your success, and you don’t even know it.
  • Learn the dramatic effect this plays on your overall health!
  • Set up your kitchen and home for more functionality and organization and, in turn, feel energy and vitality
  • Learn that organizing your diet and home will set you up for success
  • Understand the connection between organization in your kitchen and health, fitness, and nutrition…

Whether it’s organizing your space to make you super efficient or analyzing your eating habits to boost energy and vitality, trust your gut instinct and call Cheryl now to organize you on the inside and the out AND to feel great again!

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