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Clearing the Way to Wellness
South Bay Woman Magazine article

If you’re even thinking about calling a professional organizer, you’re already overwhelmed and very tired of your current living space. Any organizer, including me, can get your home or office beautifully organized, and you’ll love the results. But…it’s highly unlikely you will stay organized.

Here’s why.

Client after client tells me that staying organized takes lots and lots of energy. If your refrigerator looks like the top of your counters or the cluttered masses around your house, the energy you need to stay focused and organized simply doesn’t exist. Yes, what’s in your refrigerator and your stomach is directly connected to your ability to stay organized!

It’s not just about the act of putting things in their place. It has a lot to do with what is going on in our brains. The state of one’s home IS the state of one’s mind.

In other words, our homes affect our health to a great degree. When our homes are organized, so are the other areas of life. Bottom line…Disorganization can create an environment that pulls for failure.

One statistic from “A Study in the Journal of Experimental Psychology” states: “People who multi-task are far less efficient than those who focus on one project at a time.” This really speaks volumes as to how hectic our culture has become.

In organizing hundreds of homes over the past 6 years, I have discovered a common link between organization, nutrition, health and fitness. You might be thinking, “How are they related to each other?”


One concept behind this theory of organization so dramatically affecting nutrition is who would ever think that the secret behind weight loss is organization?

Naturally, if your kitchen is organized, you will be much more inclined to reach for healthy items to cook versus that canned, processed, refined product with partially hydrogenated soybean oil and high-fructose corn syrup. It is clear that Americans are paying for their lives with their junk food addictions. The American way of life IS hazardous to our health! So organization does lead to weight loss, amongst other things, and, yes, what’s in your refrigerator and your stomach is directly connected to your ability to stay focused and organized!

This thinking comes from my forever belief in the importance of holistic nutrition AND working with many clients who, when their homes are disorganized, are disorganized in many of the other key areas of life as well. I am presently getting my degree in holistic nutrition to become a nutritionist as a result!

Because I do residential organizing, I feel that one’s home should be a place of simplicity, ease and flow, a sanctuary. When you clear a space, it allows for new things to come into it.

We have to ask ourselves, “Have we stopped entertaining and inviting people over? Are we neglecting our bodies and health, not eating properly and not getting ample exercise? Are we wasting money on duplicative items? And, hey, if you are a bachelor, when is the last time you invited a date into your home?

I want to share with you five positive, little-known secrets you can implement now to live a more organized life!



(1) Avoid multiple calendars. Use one calendar. Keep personal, business, social in this one calendar.

(2) Practice the one-year rule and the one-in-one-out rule. If you haven’t worn or used something in a year, ask yourself if you will wear or use it. And when you buy something, get rid of something. Charity is a great reason to get rid of unused items.

(3) Fold your sets of sheets into one of the pillowcases. That way, when you need the set, you just pull out the one pillowcase.

(4) Creating a filing system with main categories and sub-categories is easy! An example is “Insurance” as a main category, and “Health,” “Life,” “Auto,” “House,” and “Disability” as sub-categories.

(5) Regarding the dreaded paperwork, the rule is to touch the paper only once! Divide papers into “To Do,” To File,” and “To Pay.” Give those papers a home. Paperwork is the mere manifestation of indecision!

Remember, solving your organizational issues is NOT the real challenge for you. The real challenge is STAYING organized. It takes LOTS of energy! It’s all about organizing the external environment AND the internal environment, and vitality (or lack thereof) lives in our environment.

It’s important to make that link between organization and well-being. Incorporate into your life maintenance that organization is a lifestyle and a routine like brushing your teeth. If you’re ready to finally and completely get organized and find out how nutrition plays a critical role in your success, then you are my perfect client!