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Organizing Solutions

Declutter And Organize Your Home Or Office With Professional Help And Solutions

As a professional, certified home organizer in Orange County, it is my job to help declutter and organize your home for a more tranquil and balanced home life.

Sample Organizing Solutions

Clearing the Way to Wellness…

  1. Paperwork. Touch it only once! As long as you have a system, this will work. Paperwork is the mere manifestation of indecision. Decide where it’s supposed to go and put it there!
  2. Kitchen. Use square plastic containers to store things. Round ones are more space-consuming.
  3. Filing. Use hanging folders for the main categories such as “Insurance,” and have the “interior” folders serve as the sub-categories such as Life, Home, Auto, Disability, and Health.
  4. Magazines. Be very diligent about magazine subscriptions. I see this all the time. People feel guilty and a pressure that they have to read those magazines. We cannot read everything there is to read in the world. Only subscribe to those that you will absolutely look at.
  5. Stuff in general. Buy something, get rid of something. Easy, easy. Whatever you buy, get rid of that same item that’s old. Buy a pair of shoes, get rid of a pair of old ones.

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