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Testimonials ~ Organizing & Nutrition

Creating Balance is committed to helping each individual achieve balance, in their daily lives.

Is your home affecting your health? Being unhealthy is expensive, and being chronically disorganized is unproductive, stagnant, and energy-zapping!

I’m committed to making each person feel good about letting go of unneeded or unnecessary items crowding or cluttering their refrigerator, kitchen, and home environment. Balance really begins in the home, that sense of peace one needs to have all of the other areas of their life work as well.

Proof of my success with clients is seen below in testimonials of services I provided in both Organizing and Nutrition.

A Few Testimonials ~ Organizing

The space and clutter in my house were out of control and in dire need of assistance! Cheryl — organizational guru that she is — came over, offered practical ideas for organizing my books, CD’s, shoes, and kitchen cabinets. Thanks to Cheryl, I doubled my linen closet space, my bedroom closet space, and kitchen cabinet space! I literally, and figuratively, had more space in which to operate — so much so that I organized a nice dinner party, which I had not done in over a year! I’m so grateful to Cheryl for the organizing systems she helped to implement in my home! Cheryl is the quintessential organizer!

~A. Jackson, Los Angeles, California

Cheryl didn’t just come and help me put things away; she got me organized. Together we set up a system so that I no longer need her in order to stay organized. You can’t imagine how good it feels to be on top of the clutter.

~S. Urick, Manhattan Beach, California

If you want to save time, be more organized, and less frustrated, then I highly recommend contacting “The Professional Organizer.” Cheryl Perkins can accommodate your needs, whether it be an entire household or one small project. I spent an afternoon with Cheryl on what was my biggest morning frustration — my closet!! Now my entire closet is organized and in a way that I can maintain it. The highlight is the shoe organizer that Cheryl helped me purchase and implement so I can see all of my shoes at once. Now picking out what I am going to wear in the morning is a breeze. I can see and access everything I need; and when you are in a rush in the morning, that extra 10 minutes that I got back means a lot! Call Cheryl and invest a couple of hours, and you will definitely get that and more time back!

~L. Beltran, Redondo Beach, California

I am truly amazed at how much I’m able to get done now. Before, I had to look in 15 different places to find one document. Now I just go right to the place where I know that document lives. The day after Cheryl left, I was able to sit down and bust out work that had been held up for months by the chaos in my office. Thank you so much for creating the systems that help me work more quickly and efficiently. As they say, time is money. We have gotten our money back many times over just in this first week. Thanks again!

~K. Duffy, Cambria, California

Cheryl did a quick and fabulous job on my messy closet! It is such a pleasure to have a system in place, and it has inspired me to continue on organizing other parts of our home. Cheryl has great ideas and super follow-through to make sure I maintain my organized areas. We will call Cheryl back to help us tackle some of the big jobs really soon.

~D. Legg, San Luis Obispo, California

If you are interested in getting yourself organized, please consider hiring Cheryl Perkins to help you do this. She is efficient, helpful, and nonjudgmental. I am a realtor and will refer Cheryl to all of my clients for packing and unpacking and closet organization, etc. She is a lovely person to work with.

~S. Rifelli, RE/MAX Beach Cities Realty Los Angeles, California

My husband and I just moved into our new home. We both were working
full-time. I am expecting twins and in a fragile condition. I was finding it very stressful to find all of our items that were packed away in boxes, and making a decent meal was out of the question. Our kitchen was a mess. Things were packed away, we had tons of wedding gifts in boxes, we had old stuff we wanted to get rid of and new stuff we wanted to take out and use. Everything was everywhere, and none of it made sense. I called Cheryl one night and asked her to be at my place the very next day. She agreed, asked me what my goals were, and showed up on time. Together we unpacked, put away, threw away, organized, and actually had fun while the kitchen became functional in just one evening. I highly recommend Cheryl’s work any time in one’s life, but especially during stressful transition times.

~C. Steinberger, Lake Balboa, California

Everything came through in very good order. I can’t think of a thing you could have done more efficiently. And it was one of the things that made a smooth move, as they say. I would highly recommend you any time. Before I left, I did tell my friends who are at some time looking forward to a process like this. Thank you again, dear, for your help. I’m very happily situated. Thank you for all of your help, and good luck with your business.

~M. Masters, From Los Angeles, CA to Seattle, WA

For many years, I tried organizing my classroom. I got rid of books, materials, etc., but I would hang onto some stuff, books. This year, I wanted to mainstream my systems, being more effective and leaving work before 4:30 PM. Also, I committed to teach science and to have daily science in my classroom. I needed some encouragement. Cheryl, with your support, now I have the space to teach science every day. Your support encouraged me to look at my space differently, and I had lots of organizing work done with ease. My students get to learn in a specially organized science classroom, which also requires organizing, experiments and science observations.

~M. Fernandez, Los Angeles, CA

Greetings CHERYL.
…. So it brought up mixed emotions for me– doing what we did. And I feel we accomplished a lot– although I believe that I only threw away maybe 25% or so of my stockpile (books/magazines) but it was a very good start that took up 1/2 of one of those blue recyclable containers.

And the “organizing” of my stuff into the Staples boxers — found that to be very comforting and effective– as I’ve never done anything so significant before. And I loved that we got all of my 5 bags of golf clubs put into the one cabinet-though I will try and give away 2 sets of clubs in very near future.
HOWEVER– the emotional “down-side” of what we did– as that it really hit home how much STUFF I’ve accumulated over the years– both in those cabinets and inside my personal office (which essentially became a storage room).  And I walked away a bit saddened by that new found realization as I guess I’d
been pretty much in denial– prior to yesterday 🙁

But ending on a positive note, I wish to now do some of my own personal organizing of the outside cabinets and in my home office – but I want you to know that I thought we worked very well together — a good TEAM—as they say because You were just the right amount of push to get rid of things– as I was looking more for a gentle nudge vs.harsh judgments on what to get rid of — and I appreciate how well you handled that part of it. And would look forward to working with you again, .
THANKS AGAIN for all your hard work. P.

P.S. —
My wife was VERY PLEASED with how much “stuff” I was able to get rid of with you–and “asked me” how you were able to have that kind of influence on me– when she was unable to influence me over the years we’ve been together… And I responded that you gave me “gentle nudges” and simple reasoning– to toss stuff– which was very important– but most important I think for me– was that I WAS READY TO DO IT– which was the reason I called you to assist me-in the first place. And she understood. And responded with what I know to be true–something like– It’s like people that need therapy. The ones that are really highly motivated to change themselves are the ones that benefit the most. And there you go.  P.

~ P. Surace

A Few Testimonials ~ Nutrition

There are so many wonderful things about working with Cheryl, but I will summarize as follows…The overall thing that I really liked was that she is hands-on, and takes the time to not only meet with her clients to formulate plans and deliver information, she actively shows how to shop in the stores, read labels, make healthy meals, and so on.  Cheryl delivers her knowledge both through consultation and practical application.

Cheryl has a wealth of knowledge for her clients not only through nutrition, but also many other, often overlooked aspects of health.  These include stress management, personal and family histories, behavioral patterns, and organizational skills, among many others.  I was very happy with how thorough her approach was, both in what you put in your body, but also in your mind and soul.

I think a lot of attempts at lifestyle changes fail because people adopt too many new activities, and get rid of too many familiar ones in a short period of time.  Cheryl teaches balance and moderation.  Being proud of the positivity you are bringing into your life, and conversely, when challenges arise, as they always do, to not focus on them.  She teaches getting back on track and not looking back.

I lost 15 pounds in 3 months working with her, and it is still coming off.  Most importantly, I lost a lot of stress, and gained more self-confidence.  I feel less interested in what my scale tells me, and more interested in my life and overall happiness, and she played a major role in that transition.

~ M. “Super Wolf” Jesmer , Marina Del Rey, CA

I have always considered myself to be well-informed about health and nutrition issues as I am an avid reader of books, articles, and other literature on these topics. So frankly, I thought I knew most of what there is to know about health and nutrition … until I met Cheryl Perkins. After a few meetings and upon reviewing the literature that Cheryl provided to me after her in-depth interview about my health and eating habits, I found out I had much to learn.

Modifying my diet based on Cheryl’s suggestions (but still enjoying many foods that I like) and adding a bit more exercise to my weekly regimen has made a large difference in my health, appearance, energy, and weight. I have lost 15 pounds in about 3 months and that is not from being on a “diet” but, instead, from making permanent lifestyle changes that Cheryl has taught me. Aside from the above benefits, there were some other (unexpected) positive effects … the stomach aches that I would get from time to time (weekly) went away due to the modification of my diet; and perhaps the biggest surprise was the near eradication of my heartburn issues.

I was taking two Prilosec pills a day to stem heartburn problems. With the modification of my eating habits as recommended by Cheryl, I no longer need to take these drugs (which are highly detrimental to having a healthy “gut”) that I had been taking for many years. In short, Cheryl’s excellent listening skills, genuine interest in my health, and deep knowledge of health and nutrition matters led to her great recommendations for my general lifestyle – mind, body, and spirit – and I have seen a significant positive difference as a result.

~ R. Abbasi, Palos Verdes

Cheryl Perkins has demonstrated herself to be an exceptionally knowledgeable, caring, and dedicated holistic nutrition professional. Her proactive approach to wellness through proper nutrition has made profoundly positive changes in my overall health and well-being. After taking the time to fully understand my questions and concerns, Cheryl conducted intensive research to identify the most ideal dietary plan for my specific physiological make-up. By following her expert advice, I’ve seen dramatic improvements and could not be happier with my new nutritional plan. Most important, the education I received from Cheryl is something I would have never received from traditional healthcare providers who typically treat symptoms with drugs. Through proper diet and nutritional support, the body is able to function as it’s designed to do without harmful side effects and the masking of symptoms. I wholeheartedly recommend the services of Cheryl Perkins for anyone wanting to pursue natural and healthy alternatives to wellness through nutrition.

~D. Davenport

We highly recommend Cheryl to couples who want to get on the same page nutritionally!

We got married last year and were having trouble coming up with meals that worked for both of us.   You know – enough protein for him, enough vegetables for her.

So, we signed up together with Cheryl as our New Year’s resolution.  Cheryl met with us individually to discuss our nutrition needs.  With our input, Cheryl developed a meal and supplement program that was practical and worked.

The results have been fantastic.  The program is simple to follow and we feel great.  Impressively, it’s nine months later and we are still using it.  How many diets have you stuck with that long? 

Best of all, there are no debates over what’s for dinner anymore.

~Roger C and Jacqueline C

I came to Cheryl with a few issues health wise and didn’t understand why my energy level was so low. Along with analyzing my eating habits (and teaching me how to shop and read labels), she also informed me of my nutrient deficiencies.

Oh, and did I mention throwing away all my comfort foods in my cabinets and replacing them with healthier and great-tasting substitutes? (I have not use iodized salt for almost a year, and it has helped my blood pressure stabilize.)


~J. M. Jenkins, Los Angeles, CA

 Cheryl Perkins at Creating Balance took the time that was necessary to help me unbind my intestinal track and get back on the path to health eating and regularity.  She helped me accomplish what I was not able to do on my own.  Thank you, Cheryl!